One thought on “The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media Marketing

  1. Apple will have to change her license agreement before Siri will marry you. My son already asked.

    I think a big trend for 2012 is social automation — not to be spammy, just to be efficient with the things you would do anyway. If you can delegate pieces of your social activity to a VA, why can’t you delegate pieces of it to a sophisticated app?  The key is to use automation to do the heavy lifting — essentially copying and pasting — but not eliminate the human context/commentary, i.e., if I want to share something on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, give me one tool to do it, but allow me to create a contextually appropriate introduction for each of them. Tools that do that reasonably well are only just now beginning to appear, and I think it’ll be a hot trend in 2012.

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