6 thoughts on “Dear Huffington Post, WTF Is Going On with You? (IGNORED – 9 Months)

  1. I know the feeling. I used to publish weekly and had great traffic with almost all of my posts, every one of which was shared to Twitter and FB by HuffPost Parents, and sometimes, if I was lucky, by the FB page of Huffington Post itself. Recently, I wrote an article that I was sure was a viral hit, so I emailed the editors to let them know it was taking off, requesting that they share it via social media. Nothing. Zilch. Luckily, The Good Men Project picked it up, ran it, promoted it, and next thing I know, I’m on Yahoo News and A Mighty Girl gaining hundreds of thousands of likes and views. Somehow, someone over there decided to cut off contact with dad writers, because 95% of the articles being shared by HuffPost Parents are by moms. Even the Dads section is being taken over by moms.

  2. I read through your HuffPo issue. Although my issue isn’t related to the silencing of male parent bloggers, it IS related to BlogTeam, Arianna, her entourage and everyone in between. One day, I log into my Backstage, and bam. Cut off. No reason given, my posts look like your image above. Published posted DELETED. That was in February. It is now December, and nobody will answer emails – even section editors. I just don’t get it how Arianna built a publishing platform and made herself millions off the backs of free content contributors, then tosses them away when she’s finished.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m not a dad, I’m a mum. I was happily writing for Huff Post. I had one article that they didn’t like, I think the reply was, “we’re choosing not to go ahead with this one but looking forward to your next submission”. 10 submissions later NOTHING has been published. I’ve emailed so often I really am doubting my sanity. I feel like I’ve been ghosted. I’ve emailed every Huff Post address I know. I did get a reply from one, who said he’d look into it for me, when I emailed a week later to find out if he’d got anywhere, he’d blocked my email addy!
    I’ve written for Yahoo, the BBC, Channel 4, I’m the editor of Sunday Woman magazine and this has really tested my patience. I just want some kind of answer, even if it’s “look, we hate you, get lost!” Nothing. Zilch, Nada. Still trying, still have access to the back end but like you, something has been flagged as my posts, although submitted fine, are not being published. Gutted. Would love to hear if you ever got anywhere. P.s. I’m in the UK

  4. I thought it was just me. I’ve gotten the silent treatment since February. Solid blogger, never gave any reason to be shunned. Yet, here I am, two months later, no closer to an answer. I hope you get some sort of response from them, as our work should not be swept under the rug like this. Unacceptable on every level.

    – Joe DeProspero

  5. Welcome to the real world of female domination and domination-by-proxy of the socio-cultural sphere. This was the inevitable outcome of the dynamics set in motion by the information/propaganda age and the descent into socio-cultural anarchy initiated by the wars of the 20th century. Brace yourself, we ain’t seen nothing yet. The world has just begun to reap the whirlwind. Whilst young women are increasingly aware of the destruction wrought by their mothers and fathers, young men and their growing awareness of their predicament are like a sleeping giant. Who knows what will happen when it awakes? The coming financial/ economic collapse triggered by the threat of global warming and population growth will be the alarm that finally wakes that giant.

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