9 thoughts on “Facebook’s Community Value is 5% of 5% or 0.25% < A Failure to Communicate

  1. Hi,

    You quoted some statistics, and put an asterisk after them, but I’m not seeing the footnote that shows where the stats came from. Am I missing it?

    I agree with you about most folks missing the boat when it comes to social media in general, and Facebook in particular. I wonder if most people are on Facebook just because they’re inclined to follow, and it appears everyone is going to FB. They aren’t,but it looks that way.

    Small point: In case it matters, they would be “core tenets” rather than “core tennants.” A tenant is someone who rents, and a tenet is a belief or principle.

    1. Nice. You are correct, I did not cite my sources. You can google them. I got lazy, not something that happens very often in this day of single shot coffee makers. Let me know if you REALLY want my sources, I’ll go get them for you. (grin) – jmac

    1. That’s a good point, Mysti. Facebook is being paid by advertisers. But the performance is so poor, only the big brands can actually do it for very long.

  2. jMac, since you mention this twice, what is the workshop you participated in where you had these discussions? Who was the speaker/presenter?

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