5 thoughts on “The Social Economy: I’m Trying to Give It Away, What’s the Problem? (So Is Everyone Else)

  1. Nicely put, John. The “social” part is the one we keep missing the most. Maybe I’ll even run into you in Austin some time.

  2. You’ve really touched a sore point here and created the ultimate paradox. If social media isn’t working to drive business our way and the way to be noticed is to be social in person, why should we invest in social media at all?
    Are the only people claiming to be successful at social media the ones who are selling information to promote social media as a powerful marketing tool, which turns out to be a concept that has been hyped up – like the Emperor’s New Clothes? I don’t know.
    I’ve finally got around to reading Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence – Science and Practice’ and the first of his ‘Weapons of Influence’ is Reciprocity – if I give you something you’ll feel obliged to give something back. This has been a common marketing strategy both online & offline for years. However, I wonder if the over-use of this strategy on the internet has eroded the feeling of obligation (which is at the heart of the reciprocity method). With the quantity of free information that’s available online, who needs to spend any money?

    1. Great point, Jan. Yes, the FREE economy is hard to compete in. The social helps to set up the opportunities for the face-2-face meeting which then results in business. Hopefully.

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