5 thoughts on “Google Analytics for Online Marketing in Less Than 2 Minutes

  1. Just to clearify, in google analytics a bounce in not someone who was on the site for less than 10 seconds it is a visitor who came to the site and viewed one page then left. They could leave by hitting the back button, typing a new url, clicking on an external link on the page, etc.

      1. So you know that they are coming but GA doesn’t register that they were on the site at all? That is called an analytics issue:).

        Likely your analytics are not properly installed on the page. Or they analytics code is taking to long to load causing you to not register a visit.

        1. Not exactly. GA has plenty of filters that are in-place to preserve their adsense pricing and click fraud. For those of us with smaller traffic profiles, we often lose a lot of “reads” do the GA numbers beast. The analytics codes are working fine, and Webmaster Tools shows no errors.

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