3 thoughts on “Google+ Death Watch Madness – Um Get a Grip, G+ Is Alive and Well

  1. I see a lot of people are latching on to Vic’s departure to assume it means something negative for G+. We get it, you hate Google or G+.

    Yet all I hear when I see so many people trying to inject meaning into something that they cannot possibly know (as no real details have been released) all I see is a lot of silly angst.

    The head of a department leaving doesn’t indicate a negative any more than Rubin leaving as head of Android indicated its demise..quite the opposite in fact.

    For whatever reason some folks are so emotionally against the idea of G+ succeeding that they can’t seem to cope with the fact that others do use and enjoy the service.

    Maybe its time to stop assuming negative press equates with reality as all indications are that G+ continues to grow at a steady rate.

    And how about some perspective. G+ is not even three years old and its a solid number 2 social. Facebook took 4 years to even catch MySpace.

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