Google Takeout: Portability for All of Your Google Data – a Quickie


[An quickie is a streamlined takeaway from today’s best marketing sources]

I didn’t even know it existed until this morning, but if you navigate to this handy url you will find this handy control system for backing up or retrieving all of your Google-hosted data. Can you imagine Microsoft allowing this portability?


And that’s the shortlist, there are a lot more data files you can pull down. If you’re protective of your data, or you feel like moving it somewhere else, Google pulls the great open source move and allows you to get all of it, however you want it. This is the model of business 2.0 going forward. App lock-in is bad business. Portability is a critical path requirement for most businesses looking to move their work into the cloud.

Go forth, download your Google life and make sure any company you’re going to do business with in the future, gives you this same LET ME OUT option.

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