One thought on “How-To WIN With Twitter: Top Tips and Tools

  1. I emailed this in to you last month, but have yet to receive a response. Would love your thoughts:

    Hey John,

    I’ve read through the majority of your Twitter articles at, but have a question. I only came across your thoughts on following people (and the follow-unfollow) process this morning. My question is, when does the following list become too big?

    Not too big in relation to your follower number so Twitter simply does not allow you to follow any more, but too big in that your following list becomes too big for you to reasonably follow and see the tweets of people you care about?

    You talk about being real with your tweets, but you’ve also admitted that your follow-unfollow strategy for gaining new followers is a bit of gaming. So, where is the line drawn? I want to increase my follower number, but I don’t want to be one of those brands with 31K FOLLOWING and 31.2 FOLLOWERS, that looks shitty.

    Hope you don’t mind me inquiring, I love your comments about getting rid of auto tweeting. I’ve admittedly done it in the past, but have nearly cut it down to zero because of you, and I thank you for that. Eventually I think I’ll get rid of it all together.

    Actually, that brings up one more question (hope you don’t mind!). You’re not a fan of auto-tweets, but how do you feel about setting reminders such as “tweet about recent blog post”. Is that cool? It forces you/me to be there behind the device to tweet it, for real. You certainly tweet about previous articles you’ve written, do you have alerts set up to remind you to share a story?

    Thanks man, really appreciate your writing!

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