4 thoughts on “What’s Killing Klout? What About Other Reputation Systems?

  1. Klout has never had any real clout with me. As you pointed out; “What is the scale?” And, I question how it’s calculated…as I’m sure others do. Maybe, when Klout becomes the score by which one can obtain a mortgage, it will be worth “building.” For now.. it’s like having a “Platinum” card. Remember when those were the elite card?

  2. I wrote this about Klout for the Klout Squad, trying to be helpful. the question I was answering is how to make lists in Klout better, and I picked out what is most difficult for me: I can’t get the relativity of it, or the qualitative impact of it.  What everyone seems to want to know is, “How do I get better, or better Klout?” But is that always the game with all social media? 

    People creating these lists may not be seeking highest score as an attribute. Here is one of Klout’s biggest hurdles. What is social relevancy? It’s an interesting premise because it has to borrow from a traditional idea about influence. It’s a quality issue that cannot be ranked wholesale. People may choose influencers and list them in ways counter to what Klout considers “of value.” here we have to ask, who shapes Klout’s idea of value? Brands, which pay Klout?or social consumers, who use Klout to find success in media? What happens if these two consumer groups have mismatching value sets? Klout ends up being a tension creator, like traditional advertising — it tells people they need something they feel they cannot obtain. It always remains a little bit vague how one “obtains” Klout. 

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