5 thoughts on “Dear Lurker, Can We Make It Easier To Connect?

  1. Commenting…I comment when I have a strong opinion on the subject of if I need something. Now I need something and guessing you will respond to keep communications moving forward.

    I am an unemployed healthcare data analyst with skills that I believe are out-of-date. “Reporting” needs are now built into software pkgs so that mgmt can plug in their own criteria and get all kinds of data, scorecards, etc.

    Since I haven’t been able to locate a new job for the last six months, I realize now that I need to upgrade my skills. I’m still passionate about healthcare. Continuing education/training needs to be quick. I’ve considered project mgmt (Raleigh has a ton of project managers), Six Sigma (not sure healthcare is ready for that) and getting computer/technology skills to help implement social networking systems between providers and patients. I don’t think the ARRA/HItech legislation has enough in place to empower the consumer of healthcare. What do you think? 

  2. I gave up keeping track of my blog comments on http://collentine.com  Trying to push them out to FB/twitter instead by blocking it despite liking discussions. Too much hassle with the verification and filling out forms to make a comment normally why I think many avoid it. 

    1. You are correct, it’s not about controlling where the comments happen. I’m happy when they occur anywhere. Now it I can get my FB LIKE button working again.

  3. With me it usually depends on how much free time I have and how strongly I feel about a subject. If it is something I deeply care for, I will find the time to comment and follow the discussion. Other than that,the things I pay attention to are usually very colorful and have pictures. Everyone has time for pictures!

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