7 thoughts on “Is Pinterest More Than Shoes, Skirts, and Happy Kitty Pictures? < But Is It A Social Network?

  1. Point 1 depends GREATLY on your content. My traffic has more than doubled because of pinterest referrals. It all depends on the type of content you are pinning and the niche of your blog. For my blogs and my readers it’s amazing. It’s “Digg” for the visual. 

    1. Yes. What is your blog about, Roni? Again, if it’s about fashion or purchasable items, I believe you are correct. As a general driver I would bet the clicks are much less.

      1. The most traffic increase has been on my food blog but there’s also been a significant jump in my personal blog as well. No fashion. No Retail. It’s now my top referral overall beating facebook and twitter, both of which I’m highly active on. 

        1. That’s great news. I can see how your food blog would do well on Pinterest. Of course my subject is tech and social media, not really Pinners. Yet!

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