2 thoughts on “ROI ROI ROI and Social Media; We Need to Have This Discussion Again

  1. Hi John,

    Can you clarify these two seemingly conflicting statements?

    “YOU as a business HAVE TO DO FACEBOOK. The other 15% can be in things like Twitter and Yelp and other networks.”


    “…people are not on Facebook to learn about your business or services.
    And an average click-thru rate on a well-performing Facebook ad is about
    0.03%. Hard to make a case for those numbers. And if less than 10% of
    those clicks actually convert (and that’s a HIGH number) you are really
    going to be pressed to drive some big numbers to drive any significant
    revenue from Facebook.”

    Am I deducing correctly that what you are saying is that you have to have engaging content on your Facebook page for those that may be a fan or so that you can boost your SEO, but that trying to monetize Facebook isn’t really a worthwhile exercise if you aren’t TARGET, McDONALD’S, and STARBUCKS?

    I learn a lot from your posts, thanks for them.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jennifer. You are correct. You have to have a Facebook strategy, but it is more about engagement. The R comes from the other social networks.

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