2 thoughts on “Social Media Is Bunk Without the R in ROI: Even IF It Is Magic & Free

  1. I agree that there must be an R in order to determine ROI but my issue is how do you measure that R? Can you trace back that a post from Facebook or a Tweet caused the revenue? Is there a direct relation with the business card being handed to somebody at a networking event and then it gets passed along to a few different hands before that last person shows up at the Dentist’s office and when asked about how they found said dentist responds with: I was referred but I can’t remember who?

    Outside of putting ‘coupon’ codes on everything it might be difficult to measure perfectly how a specific form of marketing affected the revenue.

    1. You are right, Jason. Coding every link only gets you so far. Especially if the sales cycle is longer than a few weeks. (hours really) It’s harder still to measure “influence.” We know it’s there, but it’s hard to put an R around it. Let’s keep trying to, though.

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