2 thoughts on “Social Media Mind Wakes Up and Flexes Its Muscular Influence: SOPA, Komen, and OWS

  1. John – enjoyed your post.  I wonder if the duration of OWS impacts who engages and what is said in the social space.  The Komen firestorm gave the Pro-Choice group a new and captivating place to air their views, where the OWS movement’s non-active but passionate supporters have already expressed their solidarity.  The OWS crackdowns have been talked about for months, with action coming incrementally and in a somewhat disbursed way – so my sense is that without a galvanizing display, OWS has become a faded blip on the radar screen.

    I think timing and freshness/new-ness play a huge role in the social space.  Thoughts?

    1. Hi Liz. I have been making an effort not to write about #OWS. I think the blip is long from faded and the effects will be felt most acutely in the upcoming #election.

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