2 thoughts on “THE Biggest Mistake In Social Media Marketing: Not Asking for the Business

  1. I think we’re all a bit like this, not always practising what we preach (the cobbler’s children not having shoes etc). Good advice here though.

    Can I ask why your’e not a fan of e-books? I’m just coming back to B2B marcomms after doing other roles and looking at pros and cons of thought leadership collateral. BTW I still can’t quite get to used to the fact these are called e-books (I think of e-books as real books you can download on Kindle). Sorry if I’ve gone a bit of topic here.

    1. Thanks Alison, I think ebooks are okay, when they provide value. Even FREE ones need to be more than a repacked powerpoint presentation. I’m working to give information away so I can get working.

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