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Get Your Blog On!

Blogger Manifesto

Today I am proud to be a tech room volunteer at Blogathon ATX. And each year I often write a post with some ideas and tricks I’ve learned in my six years of active blogging. Here are some thoughts.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

BlogathonATX Kicks Off: Here’s My Shortlist (Updated as necessary)

BlogathonATX at Conjunctured
Now, I Am Here.

I think I was non-volunteer (that is participant) numero uno at BlogathonATX. The first thing I asked was “How can I help.”

It’s frackin freezing in here. I’m not worried about the AC potency at this point. And I just sidled up to a nice 26″ Dell monitor. wOOt.

  1. The state of disconnect (done)
  2. Rock Body, Pudding Brain (done)
  3. A Deep Breath: An Emergency Pause (done)
  4. A First Date; or ReDating; or Offline Dating
  5. The new non-erogenous zones, that are kind of a turn on
  6. Entering the cone of silence (done)
  7. We are what we write (read, RSS, TXT)
  8. Oversharing, overblogging, overtweeting (TMI)
  9. I stopped following you months ago
  10. Going short (are you what you can communicate in 140c?) (done)
  11. Are you a mobile blogger (Going mobile?)
  12. At least one good Just Click It (Links) Post (done)
  13. Something I know NOTHING about: Contemplating a Tattoo
  14. Creating an infinite loop with RSS feeds (weird science you can do on your own)
  15. Together Alone (blogging in a room filled with women)
  16. What if I wrote a book instead of all this ceaseless blogging?
  17. Life may indeed be a race

And SURE I’ll take suggestions.

A livestream from the Talkathon room.

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Bloggin, Drinkin, Socialmediaizin: BlogathonATX is TODAY!

Austin Texas BlogathonIt’s a sold out affair, but the happy hour is still wide open. This Saturday a whole slew of bloggers are going to be holed up in the Conjunctured space in East Austin blogging our little fingers off. I’m not sure it’s for a cause, I think it’s just a community, social media thingy. I’d better check on that.

Anyway, cruse over and check out my intro post and that of the other folks you should be following on twitter or RSSing their blogs. Cause we’re all in Austin, right. BlogathonATX and hashtag #blogathonatx.

my tagged blogger montage

Here the new tag, whatcha think?

blog your face off - ATX!

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