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Top Twitter Spammers Still Going Strong

Since they’ve blocked me on Twitter I can’t get an on-going look at the output of Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki, but a quick check-in from a different account reveals to distinctly different approaches to Twitter Spam.

Go check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Here’s what I noticed.

Guy Kawasaki has become click-baiter extraordinaire. Mixed in with 100 or so “funniest video of squirrel” type posts are his original value posts about social media or marketing. But they are usually not original thoughts, just retweets of social media sources. He’s lost all tether to the great brand he was. His 1.47 m followers on Twitter are merely a clickstream.

Spend any time on his feed and you’ll see he’s a bit like the National Enquirer and Buzzfeed wrapped together. And it’s a fact that the man himself is not behind the tweets, no he’s got a staff of tweeters. Not an issue, I guess, if you have become a bot rather than a human. I guess the Real Guy Kawasaki doesn’t have time for Twitter any more. Oh well, what a loss.

Chris Brogan is still repeating and repeating and repeating. And while I’m sure his “offers” and “contests” are good, I’m sure they’re not that good. I think Chris does actually do his own tweets. And mixed in with his repeats

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.21.09 AM

are also these type of narcissistic questions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.21.41 AM

I guess that’s funny. And 7 people loved it, so who am I to critique?

And in the real world we’ve all got to make a living. So perhaps Mr. Brogan and Mr. Kawasaki are really showing us how it’s done. Errr. Wait. Do you really think either of these behaviors are honest and providing value? Or are they promo-bots? Mere shadows of their former selves? In Kawasaki’s case, he’s not even attached to this account any more. At least Brogan occasionally tosses in an original tweet to mix it up, even if they illuminate his self-importance.

These guys are kings of social media. They’ve written the book on being a Trust Agent and doing marketing right. And yet they fail to follow their own advice. Too bad for all of us.

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Twitter Spammers the Simplified Version

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 8.28.46 PM

Poor Michael and Melissa Zeng. They have been trying to follow me with at least 100 accounts over the last year or so. I’m sure they are real nice marketers, and I’m sure they only want to siphon from my followers by following me… but no. And I don’t advise you to go to the Zeng’s spammy website either.  social-media-in-marketing.com sounds fairly legit, but it’s pure link bait.


It’s really very nice of the Bangladesh-located spammers to use the same header image to show me what I could pay for my next 5,000 followers on Twitter. Oh, wait, buy why then does the account only have 300 followers? Hm, something’s not right.

Somewhere, in an internet cafe far far away, there are thousands of people spawning hundreds of thousands of fake twitter, facebook, and pinterest accounts. They are happy to then sell you a whole boatload of fake followers that will do nothing to improve your business or your reach, but it “might” increase your follower count. Would you send $29 to some unknown account selling you Twitter followers when you know it’s wrong. It might not be illegal, I’m not sure about Twitter Co’s T&Cs, but I can assure you there is nothing to gain from buying followers. And yet they keep popping up day after day in my following list.

Do your part. Put the Zeng’s to sleep by BLOCKING and REPORTING their fake Twitter accounts whenever you see them. And the blue-bannered sales teams should all be BLOCKED and REPORTED when you find them. Twitter uses flagging as it’s first line of defense in combatting spammers. So do your part, block these pests and give another kid in Bangladesh a job for a few more weeks as they have to create new accounts faster than we squash them.

This type of spam account is not to be confused with my other crusade against the leaders of social media showing by example how to flood the Twitterverse with repeat after repeat of meaningless tweets. That’s not as bad, but it’s bad, IMHO.

Do your part. Block the spammers and tell the leaders to stop spamming.

John McElhenney
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