3 thoughts on “Twitter’s Follow-Unfollow Game

  1. Hi John. I noticed you unfollowed me (@Fighting4Fair) although I follow you. Wondering why.

    I didn’t unfollow you as I have had the experience of doing so, only to then log in the next day to find that the person I unfollowed was again a follower. That person saw I had unfollowed them and unfollowed me 🙂 Kind of funny. Twitter glitch?

    On another occasion I tweeted to the person who unfollowed me and they said that they did not do so, but that they had experienced other incidents of involuntary unfollows. Begs the question as to whether Twitter does random unfollows. Googled on this to find answers and came across a guy who felt that this was the case … http://paulclarke.com/honestlyreal/2010/06/why-does-twitter-unfollow-people/

    If this is the case then the next question is, does Twitter do this for accounts across the political spectrum or is it targeted against MRA/conservatives/ and/or other particular groups?

    Your thoughts on this issue?

    1. Great question. I was whittling my Twitter account down to a small number of accounts I follow. No offense. When I do massive unfollows I quickly run out of just those accounts that don’t follow me back, so I have to start deleting followers as well. I hope to get my # of accounts to about 100. Unless your Al Gore or Gladwell, I’m thinking you might still be left out of the top 100 slot.

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