9 thoughts on “Twitter Signal to Noise Ratio: Trying to Find Meaning & Losing Friends

  1. I know what you mean, but I think it could be in part a perception artifact rather than a real change.  I haven’t been on twitter as much in the past few months.  As such, I haven’t done as much conversing on twitter as I did before.  I also note that some of the people I follow aren’t conversing as much either.  However, with that being said, when I can get a day of real twitter use, I still find that there are people putting out treats of real value and I don’t think that has diminished.  So, I think annecdotal insight in this case is likely to be misleading.  One would have to do a real survey to determine if twitter traffic is changing (and it might be) and how it is changing.

  2. I’ve gotten much more out of my RSS feeds than Twitter. I’m using Twitter now to DM and @ a small circle of friends and trusted colleagues. I definitely use Twitter to discover new RSS feeds to subscribe to. Also I have a paper.li feed so people who do follow me have a broader view of my interests and can hopefully discover something new for themselves.

    1. PJ – Thanks for the comment. I love the Paper.li model, but I’m not so sold on the current use. I’ve found a couple I like, but mostly it’s repackaging the noise, IMHO.

  3. I find value in Twitter, but I have several circles (to use Google’s paradigm) with which I interact. Lists help me to keep track of the people with whom I wish to tweet. I will be thinking of different ways to use Twitter as I make some changes with my business, but I am, for the most part, still happy with Twitter. 

    1. Erin, there is certainly value in Twitter, I wouldn’t be so passionate about it otherwise. I do want us to remember to converse with each other and not @ each other.

  4. Great points in your post.

    It’s true.  Social media marketers know they need to know it but I suspect most of them are faking it until they can make sense of it. I’m still learning…

    Those folks dropping off are probably buried in the blizzard of information.

    With twitter, the lifespan of a tweet is so short that if nobody retweets it in the first hour, chances are nobody will. Unless you are on it 24/7, things will be missed or yesterday’s news.

    So what is the best use for twitter?

    1. Thanks Judi. In fact the lifespan of a tweet is about 10 minutes. Best use is updates to your audience, helpful information, and research. Hence the tools I share in the post.

  5. I hear you – I was VERY active in 2009 and then dropped back a LOT for a few years really and only recently have been picking back up – and the response whether it be retweets or replies has really dropped down – but I do still have some meaningful conversations and connections and have found I’m meeting new people etc. 

    Regarding ‘twitter pron’ – I know this is maybe not ‘cool’ to say, but I actually don’t mind the spam accounts – because I’m a real person with real tweets, I find that when I follow people back, follower count – especially with regards to the number of people they’re following is one of the metrics I judge whether the person is ‘worth’ following or not. And so, a few extra spam followers to boost a total will help in you picking up more ‘real’ followers, I think. – I’d sooner follow someone with 200 people than 40  – but that said, a 40/200 ratio is pretty insane. mine – I think – is inverse – where I’d say about 10-20% of my followers are probably spammers. not 80/90.. 

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