Twitter Tools Matrix

(A collection of tools collected for you from real-world social media learning and experience.)

Twitter Lists (organizing the tweetstream for you – list needs to be updated)

Real people who include me on lists are awesome, here are some of those lists. But @formulists lists, not so great.

Twitter Matrix

Twitter StatsDiscoveryTrending/Popular
Twitter Grader (a quality o’ tweet assessment)Twitterholic (who are the top tweeters)Twitscoop
TweetStats (stats for tweets)Tweet-Rank (how do you stack up_TwitterFall (see any search or hashtag cascade in realtime
TweetscanRetweetrank (how do your tweets stackup)Tweetbeep
TwitterCounter (how many followers)Retweetist (how much have you been retweeted)SearchTwitter (find what’s trending)
Twitalyzer (metrics on your tweeting)TweetWheel (what friends are connected to other friends)TweetStats (stats for tweets)
SocialToo** TagWalk – tracking #hashtag trends and influencers
TweeSpam CleanersWho Should I Follow? (recommendations)Apps & Clients (AMAZING!)Nearbytweets (who’s tweeting near you)Tweetdeck (columns & lists)
TwitoriaMr. Tweet (more recommendations)Seesmic (the contender)
QwitterTweet O’Clock (when does someone tweet)Nambu (mac only – beta)
Friend or Follow TweetPsych (what’s a person’s psych makeup, based on their output)Peoplebrowsr (over-reaching browser client
TwitterSnooze (pause someone’s tweets)
Twalala (another pause app)
Add Functions
Jott (transcribe voice to tweet)TwitterFeed (tweet your posts)Twtvite (organize tweetups)
ConnectTweet (group collecting)MyTwitter (add your tweets to WordPressChipin (fundraising)
Xpenser (expense account tool)TwitThis (add to blog)Tipjoy (micropayment funding)
SalesTwit (contact manager)Tweet What You Spend (track your money)Twittertise (build ad campaigns)
Twitpic (add pics)Tweet Answers (get answers)TwtQpon (create a coupon)
Tweetake (backup your stream)21Tweets (personal coaching)OutTwit (tweet from Outlook)
Joint Contact (project mgmt)Timer (send reminders)Nozbe (todo list)
Tempo (timetracking)TwitterNotes (note taking)CheapTweet (find deals)
Twibbon (create or add a badge)
Auto-Twee (bad bad bad)
Tweet Later

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