UFM! UnFollow Me by Guy Kawasaki OR The New Way to Say, “Piss Off!”



GUY KAWASAKI! COME ON DOWN! http://twitter.com/guykawasaki

On his own Posterous Blog, Guy Kawasaki tried to illuminate his tweeting “business.” After a pseudo Q and A Mr. Kawasaki showed irritation with himself in the following answer.

Q. Okay, but what if I don’t want to see any Alltop promotions?
A. Probably, the easiest thing to do is UFM (unfollow me).

There are some very helpful hints about how to see the REAL GUY KAWASAKI and not his Ghosts.

Q. Do you use ghostwriters?
A. Yes, three people contribute to my tweets: Annie Colbert, Gina Ruiz, and Bill Meade. This is why you will see the initials “AC,” “GR,” and “BM” at the end of some tweets.

And then Guy provides a search that will delete the GHOSTS from his stream. I’m adding this to my Tweetdeck right after I finish lashing out.


The questioner goes on to hit a bit harder.

Q. You suck–your ghostwriters are better than you. How can I see only their tweets?
A. Now you’re talking! Try this search:


But that’s not really MY point.

In Getting Real with Twitter I make the case that Twitter is about REAL TIME with REAL PEOPLE. As businesses and marketers get into the “business” of Twitter the quality of that connection gets lost. It is totally up to you if you want to follow DellFactoryOutlet and be tweeted daily with “deals” from Dell. In fact there are probably hundreds of discount tweets and coupon tweets. And yes they make money. Good for them. But I tend to tune them out, UFM and deride the practice of Twitter as advertising vehicle. It is a free world, though right?

So what am I looking for when I engage with the Twitterverse?

  1. A connection of some kind – that is not possible as fluidly within Facebook or LinkedIN’s messaging system. FriendFeed perhaps, but that’s a different service all together.
  2. Spreading JOY and INFORMATION. That’s about all I do with Twitter from my end. I spread items of FUN and *high5*s of happiness. The network reports that people with smiling Twitter icons are 75% more likely to be followed. Why do you suppose?
  3. Seeing what other smart peeps are tweeting about. And unfollowing the gamers, scammers, spammers and pornsters.

That’s it.

I am not looking to twitter to promote any services to me. I am not looking for advertisements about Viagra or discount computer monitors. I am not in need of “a thousand followers a week with my system” plans. And I am hoping to share valuable information with the folks that do follow me. A smile, a cool link, a bit of information relative to my interests that is of interest to the people that follow ME. And they are following 100% me. I don’t have any GHOST TWEETERS and I don’t think they are a good idea for Briney Spears or Guy Kawasaki. By using Ghosts the two of them fall in the same family of tweeters, non-REAL Tweeters.

So Guy, here is my plea. Let your Ghosts tweet as someone else. I know you have twitter.com/alltop cause you started using that during SXSW Interactive this year. Let the people that want your Alltop and Link promotions subscribe to THAT Tweep. But leave them off your stream.

I mean, WHY? What’s the point? Were people beginning to complain that they weren’t getting enough value from your obsessive tweeting compulsion that you felt compelled to double or triple your output? Really? Why did you, why DO YOU do it?

So I am adding the GUY KAWASAKI ONLY search string to my Tweetdeck and I am going to UFM Guy Kawasaki the amalgamation of 4 tweeters. Because I don’t care for the additional tweets. And I would assume you are risking your Tweet-Rep (whatever that is) and if you continue to support GHOSTS your stream will become a vacuous ghost town. A criticism folks were hitting you with BEFORE you let others Tweet in your name. And it WAS a good name.

Come back to purity Guy. You know it’s right. Denounce GHOSTWRITING on TWITTER. Your voice could do a lot to say, “I was wrong.”

Cause the Twitterverse is not going to get any easier to decipher when it’s full of false idols and marketing driven Twitter strategies. It’s going to be less of a trusted network and more of a “channel.” Personally I say “YUK!”

GUY KAWASAKI GET REAL! Please! Your Twitter fans, fans of the REAL GK,  need you back.

Just repeat after me three times, click your heals and we will forgive you.

“I was wrong.”

“I was wrong.”

“I was wrong.”

John McElhenney

See Guy’s full post and tell him yourself: Just the FAQs – Holy Kaw! (pronounced “Holy Cow!”) – http://holykaw.com/just-the-faqs#ixzz0COCAd9Ls

Update: Here’s what they look like:

GR stands for
GR stands for Gina Ruiz NOT GUY K

So it’s not Guy posting, why does it have his picture? It’s not Guy posting why does it say guykawasaki in the info line at the bottom? Who is Gina Ruiz and why do I care what she TWEETS?


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  1. Thanks for your post. Nice stuff you found. You think I was HARSH? Ha ha. Just poking fun at one of my icons. This might be harsh: http://bit.ly/ghost-ONE@jmacofearth

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