Real-world Blogging Stats: When Things Go Dark, SEO-rich Content Rules

Real-world Blogging Stats: When Things Go Dark, SEO-rich Content Rules

Wrapping up 2012 by looking at the annual stats from

Making sense of your annual analytics numbers
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Main Takeaways

  • Even when my publishing slows, my SEO traffic keeps visitors in the 60 – 100 per day range. Build more long-tail content.
  • Several posts perform year-after-year. Update the content. Make it easier to find. Consider a V2 update.
  • 83% of my visitors are first-timers. What can I do to make them try another post?


  • How could I push from 40k to 400k per year?
  • What will become of Google’s AdSense dispute with me? Will that prevent me from monetizing
  • Refining my goals for What do I want the first-time visitor to do? What is the perception of the blog’s focus to the first-time visitor?
  • Does solve a need? More leads for my consulting business? Publishing opportunities? Content syndication?
  • If I spent my blogging time on something else, what could I accomplish?

Looking in to 2013 I am constantly reminded of the need to refine and measure activities against their intended goals. It is sometimes easier to do this for clients, from the outside (consultant) perspective. But in the next few weeks I intend to refine my goals in keeping this blog current. And I intent to set stretch goals for the year, to push myself into bigger and better things.

Let’s do that together: Push for bigger and better things. Okay?


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The one-page summary is available as a downloadable PPT file from 2012 Real-World Blogging Statistics

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