2014 Social Media Tactical Plan from Marketo (an uber.la quickie)

2014 Social Media Tactical Plan from Marketo (an uber.la quickie)

marketo 2014 - social media tactical plan

[An uber.la quickie is a streamlined takeaway from today’s best marketing sources]

Ah the free tactical plan, sounds like a winner. And from Marketo, one of the leaders in marketing automation (the process of triggering marketing engagements automatically as the result of some activity on your website), this should have some healthy tidbits, if it’s actually a plan. Um, that “sample” has me a bit worried, though. Let’s jump right in and see what we find.

Right away, we’re given the full overview on the table of contents. And, sorry to say it, that’s about all you need to read. Unless you truly are a beginner and need to know what a social network is, or what the “other” social networks are. My guess is you already know the difference between Pinterest and Slideshare. If you don’t, here the link to the full ebook.

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Here’s the nutshell.

Blog. It’s good content. And without content you have nothing to share.

The major networks are where you should spend 90% of your time. These include (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, they include Pinterest, but I’d put them in other, for being useful in some very specific vertical areas like: food, furniture, home furnishings, witty sayings to share)

Online video is a big deal. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Your milage may vary on your efforts.

Photosharing sites are big for very specific uses, but in general do not drive business or branding unless they are wrapped in the container of one of the big networks and perhaps the blog.

Presentation sharing is a big deal, for B2B. For reaching businesses who are researching specific tactics or strategies in marketing. If you’re a marketer you should have your best marketing presentations on Slideshare. Period. Here’s my post on Why Slideshare is Important.

That’s it. You’re welcome. You can now have the 20 minutes back that it would’ve taken for you to fill out the contact form, download and read all the pages of this Tactical Plan.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with in digital marketing.

Source: 2014 Tactical Social Media Marketing Plan from Marketo (creative commons usage)

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