Uber.la’s Google Analytics Trends: images.google.com Rocks the site!

Every now and again I try and share some of the numbers from my little microcosm on the web. As the tools become better and google analytics becomes more automatic, it is more the insights you can draw from the metrics rather than the metrics themselves. Now that we ALL have metrics and we all have access to the same tools, the real work is finding the strengths and weaknesses of our efforts.

Marking the first 15 days of the new year and the last 15 days of the last year, I have some interesting things to share.

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What was surprising to me was the number of links I got from images.google.com! And even images.google in other languages.

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Top posts by title:

google analytics, top pages by title, sharing google analytics

Aside from the breakout hit of iStat Menus and Snow Leopard you can see a serious traffic spike begin around CES as I began some fun posts about Apple buying Twitter, and a lot of stuff about the Apple iSlate. I was just having fun. But the traffic growth was huge!

Search traffic. Wow, 91%! Go g-force!

google analytics, top search engines, google analytics on search

It’s not that I’m not listed in the others. I mean, BING has my back links in the 100k+s. But if you look at how my site trends against the “market share” statistics that are bandied about. In my case, Google has got everyone else in a sleeper hold. Amazing.

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