Adobe’s Social Buzz Fails Basic Usability “Best Practices”

Adobe’s Social Buzz Fails Basic Usability “Best Practices”

So you’re the largest supplier of digital marketing tools in the world. You’re putting out a electronic newsletter, using those tools and touting your expertise and flawless design execution to other designers and digital marketers. Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.

June 2014 Adobe Newsletter Fail
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How can the biggest name in the business make such a simple mistake. I clicked on this “newsletter” three times before I got to the story. I mean of course the photo is linked. Wrong. And then the URL in the headline, with the >> arrows, must be linked. Wrong. How about the headline itself? Nope. So we’re back to Read Now with the same >> arrows, to get to the story? Seriously, Adobe?

How do some of the best designers in the world come up with such a simple fail? Was it the export from InDesign that didn’t carry the links correctly? Was it a failure in Adobe’s software? Or just a failure in Adobe’s design team? Maybe an intern was give the newsletter as a project.

But sticking a newsletter like this, out to the designer and marketer audience, is worse than a typo, it’s a PURE 100% FAIL.

What do you think?

Adobe’s Next Innovation: Let’s talk about how Adobe’s Creative Cloud initiative is going to continue to fail miserably. Let’s see: my Creative Suite software is several years old, I could update to the new “cloud” versions for just a little bit a month, forever. Um, no. But thanks for asking. CS 6 works just fine for me.

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