AdSense and YouTube Continue to BAN ME from Monetization (UPDATED)

AdSense and YouTube Continue to BAN ME from Monetization (UPDATED)

If you know anything about social media marketing and content marketing, you know that monetization is the key to making the web work. I have been a content creator for years, I’m a verified partner with my very own YouTube channel about social marketing. And for over 200,000 views, YouTube/Google has paid me zero. I’ve been fighting a bogus click fraud case they have used to not pay me on my original content and not allow me to monetize my blogs using Google Adsense.

Today I was looking specifically at my YouTube account


Of course my account is verified and in good standing, so WHAT’S THE FUCKIN DEAL GOOGLE?


And I filed the typical form letter complaint with the YouTube team. Let’s see if I get any better results than I did using the gestapo-ish AdSense team. Onward ho!

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Or start here: Google Adsense, Can We Start Over?

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Read the entire Google AdSense and YouTube saga.

UPDATE 3-24-16 YouTube wants feedback. I gave them the full thumbs down on this one. The specialist’s suggestion. Trying joining Adsense using a different email address. Um, yeah, we tried that already.


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