Content Marketing – Amplifying Social Signals

Content Marketing – Amplifying Social Signals

Quick, Name Your Most Successful Post Ever. Now…

How did you do? Do you know what post has gotten you more new viewers than any other post you’ve ever written? You don’t? You might want to look into that.

You know the Top 10 lists everyone posts, they post them for a reason, they are easy to do, AND they recycle your best content for the search engines and potential highlighting by others on social media.

Do you know what Tweets of yours have been retweeted? Um, you might need to know that.

Here’s a social media learning: Our success in social media is dependant on the sharing and promotion of others. Our individual footprints are only so large. And a #hashtag can multiply your reach for the audience that is searching on that hashtag, but the SHARE and RT are the biggest goal of going social with your content.

One of the biggest thrills in blogging or content marketing is to see one of your posts go viral. Double your monthly volume in one day, that’s big news. What you need to figure out is how it happened, what triggers caused the post to get spread around, and learn how you can repeat the process.

DEEP SIGNALS – The long-tail of blogging is worth digging for.

DEEP SIGNALS - 2-years of top posts

*stats from Google Analytics

What can we learn from our overall top pages of all-time? Are there opportunities to refresh our “best” content and reignite the love? Knowing what performs well over the long-term can give you inspiration for what to write about next.

HOT WEEKLY SIGNALS – What’s being shared and read this week

What's Trending on your blog?

* stats from Jetpack’s Stats

Who’s reposting or promoting your content this week? Are there any posts that are older that have shown up again? What can you do to amplify the signals of the posts that are rising?

DAILY SIGNALS – What’s UP today?

Counts Per Day Stats

*stats from Count Per Day plugin

What’s going on right now? Has one of your posts started getting shared? Can you ReTweet the people who promoted your post? How can you take action to extend the lift of your content today?

Blogging is also knowing what’s working and what’s not working for the audience who have managed to find your blog. If you know what’s working you can refine, repeat, and revise. If you know what’s worked time-and-again on your blog over the last two years, but you’re having a stall for content ideas, go back and look at what’s worked before. Can you refresh the most popular posts? Is there a new spin on one of your key topics that would be good for a complete rewrite of your most coveted topic?

Content marketing is all about momentum. When you have rising signals you need to do what you can with social media to amplify, or boost, the rise. If you post and go to sleep until the next post, you are missing a lot of the social that can help you move from 10 views per day to 100. And eventually you will get a process, a few signals you like to look at throughout the day. I really love I can see, at a glance how my top client blogs are doing. And if there are UP signals I can jump on, I can see them all in one place.

Find your process. Check your signals. Grow your influence. Be successful at content generation. We need your voice.

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