Getting Your Analytics Right: Earns My Money By Saving Me Time

Getting Your Analytics Right: Earns My Money By Saving Me Time

We’re all on a budget. And we’ve all got time constraints; doing what ya gotta do verses doing what you wanna do. This little analytics app will simplify how you monitor the performance of your website or blog, and you will gladly pay the SIX DOLLAR monthly fee. Let’s look into it.

First the immediate dashboard.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 8.38.05 AM

Right there, my two week details, today’s top content, today’s top referrers, and even the time of day, so you can see what time your audience is most active and appreciative.

Here’s why this is worth paying $6-a-month for.

  • It’s not hosted on your site – meaning you don’t have to wait for your control panel or WordPress stats package to load. The load times for are instant.
  • The most important stats are there at a glance. I can drill back to that day with the big traffic spike and figure out what happened. AND of course I can open Google Analytics and do some research. But has almost all I need.
  • It is LIVE. There is a live tab that can show you the current visitors and what they are looking at.
  • It does not burden your site with more overhead, plugins, or drawing of charts and graphics.
  • It is the most simple interface I’ve seen. It keeps you focused on what’s important.

And there are some useful datasets about YOUR audience (browers, OS, screen size) that can give you confidence in your site format and performance.


Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 8.39.14 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 8.38.58 AM

So that’s it. I could show you more screenshots, but you can check it out for free for two weeks. And I bet you will pay for it when the trial is over.

Disclaimer: The post was not encouraged or financially compensated by This is my appreciation for a tool I find indispensable.

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