Making Peace with My Android Phone – Day Two (Android Startup Kit)

So yesterday I just about tossed my Samsung Transform back into the shipping box it came in. But as I learned more about what was going on, I found out my phone was just working very hard to sync all of my contacts from Google to the phone. And last night I did some research and started installing a few new tools on my Android-powered phone. This is day two. [day one is here]

[Flash Question: would you stay with your cellular carrier if they didn’t offer the iPhone you wanted?]

Today I can report that my experience was much better. Here are the essential tools I installed that kept things running and the battery happy today. [At the moment my daughter is trying to load and play Angry Birds on the phone without much success. The phone seems to hang, and lag. She’s about to give up and use the iPad.]

JuiceDefender – battery management and optimization.
Advanced Task Killer – how to stop programs from running in the background and using up power
Nightwatch – a digital clock that runs while the phone is plugged in – it shows the battery charge level
Useful Switchers – a macro task access tool to turn off GPS, WIFI and other power draining functions

And the coolest, but I haven’t even started using it app, SWYPE. The text entry app that allows you to simply swipe over the letters you want rather than typing them in one at a time.

One of my friends told me that Android will learn about the characteristics of my battery and do a better job of managing it over time. But today, by using JuiceDefender on its default setting and killing WIFI and GPS the phone stayed lively all day. It was only after the Angry Birds attempts that the phone showed the low battery warning. As I plugged it in I notice the charge level was at 15%.

Another day with my Android phone. Another day closer to it just being a phone.


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