Apple Design vs Windows Updates: One Company Simply Doesn’t Care


Today I was updating my Windows installation. And get this, there were 43 updates required to get me all fixed up. Apple would never consider this an option. Their developers have more respect for the user. MSFT just doesn’t care. How else can you explain the pain of managing a Windows environment? You can’t. The people developing Windows don’t actually have to manage or support Windows environments. If they did, we’d see things a bit different.

I read today that Apple designers and developers are paid at least 50% more than other designers/developers. It’s because they think of the entire user experience, just like the Mac vs Windows. Sure, when you have a browser open the experience is about the same. But it’s the rest of the stuff you do with your computer, the filing, finding, and storing that makes the two platforms so different. Windows is like a series of folders. You store your documents in folders within folders. On the Mac you have that option too, but the visual representations of your filing system is unlimited in your ability to color, structure, and save your files in creative ways.

The Apple computer was built for creative people. Windows is built for low-cost and most efficiency. Windows literally dumbs down the options. That makes it easier to manage in large enterprise environments. Everything is in your Documents directory.

But the philosophy goes much deeper.

Today I played with a new Apple app called Music Memos. It’s free. And it was made lovingly to make recording and saving musical ideas. Apple knew musicians were using voice memos to make recordings. So someone in the group decided to make a better musical sketchpad. I cannot imagine this project would ever see the light of day at Microsoft. For one, it’s free. And second, as MSFT moved to a FREE distribution model for Windows 10 upgrades, the started charging money for things like Solitaire. What? That’s silly. Do they charge for Mine Sweeper too?

At Apple, the teams are still focused on HUMAN INTERACTION principles. At Microsoft it’s pure project management, cost containment, and ship the next version, even if it doesn’t work very well. And if it needs 43 updates, that’s not a problem, our users have always put up with that insanity. Why change now. Apple recompiles their updaters each time there are changes. And for the most part you can download ONE updater and it will bring your OS up-to-date.

Apple gets the user and writes program and interfaces around the user needs and requirements. Microsoft gets business and the need to crunch numbers both in development of Windows and by the users of Windows. If you’re creative and you’re on Windows you’re limiting your options. And you won’t see many people buying anything but Apple when they have to put their own money into the laptop. If you buy your own computer, rather than your company, you are likely to pay more for Apple’s design and Apple’s OS system that bridges from your computer, to your iPad, to you iPhone better than any Android or Windows solution.

Friends don’t let their friends do Windows.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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