Archivist Tool Might Make Us Better Tweeters: My Newest Twitter Tool!

my archive of Tweets using the Archivist

I’m a sucker for nice infographics. Even better if the infographic is about me. (grin) This is my nomination for the greatest new Twitter Tool of the year!

Archivist will track and capture your Twitter stream and then report back on you MIX. (thanks to @andrewspong for the link)


My other Top 5 Twitter Tools of all time:

  • Tweetdeck < the dashboard of all dashboards for managing twitter
  • FriendFeed < archiving and tweeting my content regularly
  • ManageFlitter < finding the dead weight in your tweetstream is easy with this tool
  • TwitterVenn < quickly ID trending topics related to your business or interests
  • TwitterCounter < keeping track of your growth within the Twitter community

All the posts I’ve ever written about Twitter are indexed under The Twitter Way tab.

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