Are You Bored With Twitter Yet? What Excites You These Days?

Social Media is dead. Social Media is hype. Twitter is dead. Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 6.27.12 AMHeck we shouldn’t ever capitalize it. Social media sucks.

So what about social media is exciting these days? Have you gotten *any* useful tips from your Twitter feeds? Are you following Brogan and Armano and trying to understand how *they* are geniuses and how *they* make money doing it?

I spent about three weeks without any tweets. I never even wanted to open my Tweetdeck social control panel. I didn’t even WANT to. Amazing? Well, let’s look at what social media brings us.

Did I crack open *any* new business due to my unique or prolific blog/social/tweetersphere? Maybe. Did I influence any followers to take action? Well, they click when I tweet about something interesting. But did they *do* anything that made me money or my clients money? Doubtful.

So why do I (we) do it? Besides the “high” of connecting with people, is there a purpose behind our social moras. If we are living a purpose-driven life, do we have time to Tweet about it, or should we just get on with it?

I know at this point your eyes are glazing over and your ready for my witty punch line or retraction. It’s not coming. I can’t see any reason for a small business today to put a lot of time into Twitter or Facebook or blogging. And by small, I’m thinking less than 10 million in annual rev.

So what’s a social media strategist to do?

Well, the first step is to define what you want to achieve. And then plot a “strategy” to get there. Facebook/Wordpress/Twitter is not a get rich quick scheme. And probably that’s the part that turns most people off in the first place. There is SO MUCH SCAM in social, it’s like a gold rush. But it’s not hard to spot the jokers. And in a month or so their Twitter accounts will fizzle out, cause there simply is no shortcut to good content and good business.

The process is slow. It may be free to join, but it’s not free to engage.

What do you put your time into when you spend time doing social media? Has it paid you back yet?

@jmacofearth (Won’t you follow me now that I’ve told you it’s not worth it?)

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