Get Ready for Windows 10? What Happened to Windows 9?

Get Ready for Windows 10? What Happened to Windows 9?

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I admit it, I don’t run Windows unless I have to. (When I’m working on-side for a windows-centric company or running Windows in Parallels. And lately I’ve regressed my Windows OS back to XP. My music/loop program, Sony Acid Music Pro, runs better in XP. So what’s to become of us when we upgrade to Windows 1o? Will MSFT make another industry crashing blunder? Will they get it right, or at least as right as they did with Windows 7 before they launched satan’s spawn, the METRO interface?

Let’s hope we’re in for a treat in July when Windows 10 launches. Let’s hope that the industry pundits as well as IT departments around the globe will gladly upgrade to the new (stable, fast, smaller) version of Windows.

Even us mac guys are hoping Windows 10 sucks less. Most of what we do supports consumers, businesses, and infrastructure that runs on Windows.

I’ve got my fingers crossed. Here are a few previews that might prepare you for what’s coming to a PC near you this summer.

What happened to Windows 9?

John McElhenney
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