The Best I Can Do on Twitter: To Follow and List (Top 2 Twitter Tips)

My top two twitter tips.

1. Follow people with interesting bios, similar interests, wacky descriptions of their passions and interests.

following good tweeters

1a. Don’t follow people with no bio, or pictures that are too cute (usually women), or with strange letter or number combinations on their user names.

2. If you find the tweeter is legit and you want to take your relationship a step further, you can add them to one of your LISTS. (NOTE: These are not the auto-generated lists from @formulista, those are spam, IMHFO.)

how to use twitter lists

And finally, if you are a list creator, make the description of that list count. (Uh, that was a bonus tip.)

describe your twitter list

And once again, don’t do auto-lists. They are a new form of spam. List-spam: clogging up the system with useless lists trying to masquerade as authority.


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