Social Media Marketing On Social Media Marketing (Stats)

Social Media Marketing On Social Media Marketing (Stats)

You may think I’m being funny with that title, or trying to load up the SEO value of my Title Tag. But I’m not. Well, okay, I am trying to be funny.

This blog is an odd niche, I’m writing to and for marketers both in the business AND small and medium business owners who are not in the business, but want to use some of what we are learning to help further their business. Ultimately, this whole thing of social media boils down to making money or saving money. Unfortunately does neither. At least not directly.

Think about this. You want to hire a company or an individual (consultant) to help your business figure out the online marketing mix that will drive sales of your product or service. What’s the first thing you do? Go look at their online marketing presence. So in some respects, everything I do rests on this blog of knowledge where I try to capture just a bit of what I’m actually working on without giving away the secret sauce or sharing their “data.”

And sometimes, like the title of this post, I feel myself getting TOO META. As in, I’m writing about writing about social media. That’s a few steps removed from the activities necessary to get my family ready for school, or pay the bills before the end of the month. And yet, we chug along, I chug along, finding value in the social media context of, sharing bits and pieces of information, and learning as we go along together.

With that preamble in mind, here are my latest META (social media about social media) stats for the last 30-days of

January 2013 Online Marketing Blog Stats

A couple observations.

1. TEDxAustin, which was a very cool show here in February, trended the highest with two of my top 5 posts being about that event. Lots of Twitter #hashtag love on those kind of events.

2. My Facebook referrals are pretty light. I have changed my FB behavior and am putting most of my marketing stuff on the FB page, rather than in my personal feed.

3. 24 visits came as a result of my Apple vs. Dell shootout type posts. Occasionally Dell posts don’t trend at all. And then something happens and I’m picked up in the stream again, because I write a lot about Dell and technology.

Here’s the page views of my Feb-1 to Mar-3 date range.

February 2013 Online Marketing Blog Stats

Those two high days, on Feb 10 and 11, were due to the TEDxAustin posts trending and being shared on Twitter. It’s also interesting to note that 401 pages drew traffic in the month of February. That’s deep content. Getting a big data set of content helps lift the SEO value of the rest of your content as well.

So here’s how the entire month looked over all. Page views are lighter green, while dark green are visitors.

Marketing Stats February 2013


And finally, let’s look at the browsers in-use on my site. A bit skewed towards the Mac and iPhone/iPad traffic perhaps, as a result of my Apple coverage. That would account for Safari being so high at #2.

What browsers are people using in 2013


I hope you have the time to dig into your analytics from time to time and see what you can learn about your traffic, what they are looking for, and how you can better bring their needs into focus. Understanding their needs so you can fulfill yours.

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