Bored With Branding or Adverse To Being Branded? [UPDATED]

Bored With Branding or Adverse To Being Branded? [UPDATED]

The logo for No Logo

0 commentsUPDATE 9-26-13: ANSWER LOUD AND CLEAR: Nobody cares! Sure this post was not rocket science or anything, but I figured I’d get ONE comment. Or one response on Facebook or Twitter. But you know what? NADA. ZIP. So much ado about nothing. Branders talking brand again? Nevermind. Well, another survey-ish experiment DOA.

I’m a brander. I love brands. Creating them, studying them, admiring or slamming them depending on my mood and perspective. So… why is my favorite brand my plain black t-shirt? (Odd, even No Logo has a logo.)

Sure, I’m wearing $120 sunglasses, I give you that, but … what? Oh, and yes they emblazoned their logo across the front of my face… but my middle name is Oakley, so… No. No excuse. I love my O’s.

What about you? What’s your signature brand? What brands do you love? In what ways do you avoid branding?


And though you can’t see them, I’m also a New Balance running shoe fan. I don’t like their new BIGGER branding, but I’ll deal with it. They just FIIIIIT.

Share your branding stories, love’m – hate’m – avoid’m, in the comments. And I’ll use some of them as I build the rest of this “Is there a backlash against branding” post. (And while we’re at it, do you have any affinity for the Dell brand?)

Thanks in advance.

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Reference: The Book on Branding Backlash: No Logo: 10th Anniversary Edition

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