My Business Blog: What’s the Point, Again? (Goals & Resolutions)

My Business Blog: What’s the Point, Again? (Goals & Resolutions)

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It’s not like a casual part of my working life, this blogging thing. It’s a key strategy in my career path and my future working lifestyle. (Hopefully.) But what goals can I adjust to make a bit more focused? Is there a target audience that I’m not reaching, who could actually hire me, or my digital marketing firm Ivy Worldwide, to do some work?

Okay, so my conversion rate (if my goal is to get people to call me) is about 0.008 and that’s just getting them to the contact page. At least it shows interest. The actual conversion rate is much lower, because they’d actually have to call. Nobody called, at least they didnt’ tell me, “Hey I found you through”

And thinking about WHY I’m putting so much time and effort into blogging and then marketing my blog, I have to look at what goals I had.

2012 Goals for (Social Media Marketing blogging in general)

  • Continue to develop an audience
  • Get better at writing (effiency of effort and style/voice)
  • Build of a collection of content that can eventually be published in printed book form. (eBooks don’t really interest me — but I need to look into that)
  • Learn about Social Media Marketing and capture that learning in a way that helps others.
  • Establish myself as a “thought leader” on social media marketing, especially for small busines.
  • Get my ya yas simply by having readers
  • Interest new clients – ultimately close a consulting sale
  • Put my money and effort where my mouth is, by DOING the business of social media and writing about the business of using social media to drive business
  • Give a place for the voices in my head to come out
  • I have a large ego, and strokes it nicely

So in terms of satisfying my goals, I’d have to say in all but #7, things are looking okay. After blogging for 4 years I’m confident in my voice, my style, and my ability to get my head around a tech issue and explain it in my own quirky and opinionated way. And that’s what I do.

Goals for in 2013.

  • Turn the crank on The Twitter Way and get the physical book complete. (drafts have been done since 2009)
  • Perhaps a Very Visual Guide to Facebook, or social media in general should be published next.
  • Get onboard with a big publisher either as a syndicated writer or with guest posts (Think TNW or HuffPo)
  • See what ways my writing content could be leveraged for mailbox money (webinars, ebooks, online courses)
  • ReEstablish my Google AdSense account. (I’m about to pull out my big Google contacts and get to the bottom of the fk up on their part.)

And finally, to have even more fun, more hits, and more misses in 2013. I promise to pull no punches and to tell the straight scoop as soon as I have it. Cause, that’s what I do here.

Thanks for being a part of it, even for a split second.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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