Your Business Dashboard: Hack Your Browser for Efficiency

Your Business Dashboard: Hack Your Browser for Efficiency

What you pay attention to in business is everything.

If you are paying attention to the wrong things you’re likely to miss important signals that could mean success or failure for your venture. How do you keep your phone, email, and, web browser in sync? Do you have a plan? What 5 apps are essential, and what apps, tasks, distractions could you eliminate all together?

One of the easiest ways to keep your computer desktop organized is by using the browser favorites bar as your heads-up display. Here’s my simple hack to make your online life, at least the one tied to your browser, more organized.

getting your browser in order

GMAIL: A while back I made the leap to G-Mail. Despite all the downsides (they read your mail, they display ads based on your email content) I found that the reliability was better than my own hosted mail server. If G-Mail goes down, a whole bunch of people are screaming at tech support. I benefit from that level of support.

GOOGLE CALENDAR: Integrates well with most online event services (meetup, eventbright) and does a bang up job of scheduling from G-mail and pre-wiring Google Hangouts.

FACEBOOK: It’s amazing how much of my “conversation” happens on Facebook. Many people use the Instant Messaging like email. So I’m always having to check-in.

TWITTER: While I use Tweetdeck for most of my tweeting, I do occasionally check-in on the mothership site.

GOOGLEPLUS: Another site I only check occasionally. For me G+ is mostly a publishing platform. (I’m still waiting for a Facebook-killer, but G+ is not it.)

LINKEDIN: I pop into LinkedIn several times a day to see if there is any trending or valuable shares that I can amplify. Any contact requests or emails are set to forward to my G-Mail account, so it’s more for browsing and looking at my contact’s activities.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: You’ve got to get regular about peeking in on your GA account. While most of the adjustments you make do not show immediate results, you need to see what’s trending on your site, and see if there are any signals you can boost. I usually check GA ever couple of hours.

I use Google Chrome as my workspace, and by setting up my bookmark favorites as a toolbar, I get instant access to the stuff I need to be paying attention to.

NOTE: Just to the right of GA… “Arcade” an online collection of old video games in a Flash-player-emulation, because you can’t work all the time.

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