The Social Media ROI Acid Bath – Harmful If Swallowed (response to Tim Walker’s post)

I think we need to dissect "social media" for a minute. To throw all of the types of social media into the SM bucket is a little like trying to find the ROI of "marketing." Talk about being able to move the numbers around as you would like... So let's talk about the specific forms of social media engagement and see how they develop or come into focus in the acid bath.

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Cloud Fail – The Failure of a Cloud Computing Platform

Imagine this scene: Okay let's check on the inventory for our new widget, CLICK, SEARCH, pause... Wait wait wait. "We're sorry, there was an ERROR, please check back LATER." What the heck does that mean. Later? Is it a "few days" like Facebook's flippant "we don't really care about FB apps cause they are not really critical path to our business" reply. Or would a cute picture of someone flogging the server, hopefully not your BRAND of server, help ease the tension of the fact that YOU CANNOT GET YOUR JOB DONE.

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