Hunting the CFO Online with Social Marketing (infographic)

Social media is a great way to engage and communicate with customers. But what if your potential customer is a c-level executive? Does social media make sense in trying to reach them with your online marketing message?

The problem I have been struggling with in my new job at WhiteGlove House Call Health, is how to find and reach the c-level (specifically the CFO) executive who is engaged in online discussions about healthcare costs. The search is not as simple as plugging in terms to Google (healthcare + cfo + medical expenses) or doing Twitter bio hunting for “cfo” roles.

So by stringing together a couple of pieces of information I have arrived at 5 primary online locations where I might be able to find and harvest CFO’s online using social media. The proof is in the results, so I can’t say yet if I have uncovered something of value. But the process of using these various social media channels to reach your prospect will work regardless of your exact target.

The below infographic shows the process I used to ID the opportunities. It is also available as a copy-free download from

social media - hunting the big game online

I would love to hear of any places I have missed. If you have experience trying to engage the c-level executive in social media, please add your stories in the comments.

John McElhenney

Download this graphic in PowerPoint at Hunting the CFO Online with Social Marketing (PPT)

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