Chartbeat Web Analytics Package – The Micro-Review

Checking out Chartbeat, an alternative to Google Analytics. The Micro-Review.

The Chartbeat web metrics package
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The Chartbeat strength is the real-time display of data. If you want to see how that tweet performs, you can jump right over to Chartbeat after you tweet or post or promote your site and see how the traffic responds in real-time. Chartbeat seems a little more accurate than the real-time beta in Google Analytics at the moment. And I’m all for finding ways to slice the web data so you can see different things.

The winning feature for me with Chartbeat was the page load performance metric. I used it a couple of times to check in with my ISP about very slow load times. The realtime readout of where the traffic is coming from on the right of the dashboard is nice too.

I’m not a fan of gauges on dashboards. They don’t seem to represent the information very informatively. But it’s what salesforce did, so we’ve all got gauges on our dashboards.

BOTTOMLINE: Chartbeat is a fun tool to engage with your traffic in a real-time manner. For long-term metrics and dash boarding you are going to want something a bit more powerful. I also liked Chartbeat’s ability to show me up to 5 sites in one view. AND they have a mobile app for the iPhone that can give me these type of stats from my phone.

I’ve gone back to look at again, now that I’ve spent some time in Chartbeat. I’ll update you later on my comparison. Here’s my micro-review.

The one-slide version of this review is available at Chartbeat – the Micro Review

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