Google’s Invalid Click Fraud Problems: My AdSense Nightmare Continues


We know click fraud is a problem for advertisers. So it’s no wonder that Google keeps a firm lock on all that goes in and out of Google AdSense. The problem comes up, when King Google suspects you of click fraud, or suspects your account of benefiting from click fraud. They will put down the hammer on your account.

The bigger problem is trying to convince them that you didn’t to anything wrong. They simply don’t care. I have appealed a ruling two years ago, to no avail. I’ve gotten form letters every time. The letters say, “You can continue to appeal this, but we probably won’t even read your future messages.”  Seriously, they tell you your efforts are futile before you even begin. Being the social media guy that I am, I have tried repeatedly to get an answer, to provide proof, Google Analytics data, everything. Same result. NADA.

Today I was combing through my YouTube channel (I’ve got 100+ videos in stream with YouTube) and I noticed the haunting phrase “click fraud again.” Uh oh.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.08.42 PM


There it is, right there. I am in “Good standing” with regards to copyright, but my Monetization “has been disabled due to invalid click activity. Google’s Click Fraud Learn more Page.”  Good luck, learning more. It’s basically “speak to the hand and we’ll get back to you if we want to.” They don’t, they won’t and for two years they have ignored over 10 emails WITH attachements. Nothing but the form letter in return. Today, I get to start over with my YouTube channel, which obviously was disabled due to the earlier “click fraud” charge that has nothing to do with YouTube but with my Adwords account.

Read the entire Google AdSense and YouTube saga.

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  1. Are you going to continue playing the google game? Or simply move to anothet form of monetization.

  2. I got my account disabled for invalid clicks. But I got it back within a week. I suspect foul play, not from visitors, but from Google itself.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. I first signed up for Google Ads when I began my first blog seven years ago and within 24 hours of it being active, I as well was accused of click fraud when I hadn’t even visited my own site. I too failed at getting them to reinstate it. Once you make king Google angry, there’s no turning back.

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