FFoFF – The Next Gen Open Social Platform

And I’m still working to get a private room started to dialogue with some smarty-pants about the Uber App idea. The View

FriendFeed is a great tool for tracking others feeds and posts and comments and such. There are a lot of new tools that do this kinda “lifestream” process, but I am using FF as a first experiment to see how far we can go using only free tools, sites and widgets, and of course FireFox. So like RubyonRails (RoR) I now present FFoFF.

The FriendFeed Global Social Media Conversation room is an initial discussion group for sharing the FFoFF idea and engaging some smart folks in a dialogue about it. So far it’s mainly me posting notes and thoughts to myself, but eventually the FF Room tool should be a simple aggregator of any content necessary to build a custom feed.

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