Content Marketing Statistics 2015 – (UPDATED)

Content Marketing Statistics 2015 – (UPDATED)

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Here is this chart on Mid-year Content Marketing Stats.

I’ve been blogging here now for going on 6 years. And after doing this I am beginning to learn a few things. My big ah ha moments are this:

1. Consistency is important. Write and publish once a week to keep Google’s search spiders happy and well fed.

2. SEO is no longer a huge driving force, but it is the core of my long-tail traffic.

3. Hits are hard to come by, and they usually happen as a result of some current event and then a social superstar’s inclusion of your content on their channel. This year I had an Apple Watch post get 2k hits in two days, when it was added to someone’s Flipboard publication. I wish I could lobby them for my other Apple Watch review pages.

3. While it’s not huge, I have been publishing some memes recently with a link back to my Social Media Funnies page. This now shows up as #10 on my top landing pages. And I’ve really been doing it for about 30 days. And I started a Facebook page for them as well.

4. Google Analytics is under reporting the numbers by well over 50%. I’m not sure what this is about, but my guess is their filters to lower the payments they have to make on AdSense advertising. Click fraud is their big worry, so they disallow the reporting of about 50% of my traffic. (Oh, and they won’t reinstate me as an AdSense Publisher, due to some flag they put on my account over two years ago.)

5. Almost 40% of my readers are on mobile devices, 28% on phones. I need to make sure my responsive theme is working for them as well.

6. With 90% of my visitors being first-timers, it’s even more important that I find ways to engage and attract additional interactions. “What are you doing to support your first-timer in finding more content to read or ways to subscribe?

While this website is not an e-commerce site, I am doing all that I can to engage and attract business here. I have free downloadables, free videos, a “Let’s get started” form. But I’d guess that only 3 leads in the last 6 years have come from this site and turned in to actually billable work. I’ve met a lot of people as a result of this site, and I know I have been hired when showing this site as a proof of my work and experience.

As a content marketer, I am very focused on the goals the client has for their inbound traffic. If we are generating content and not generating leads or contacts we may be missing some fundamental part of the equation. In my case, I know 99% of my business comes from personal referrals. The potential client can then visit this site and see if I’m legit and make their decision based on my content and results. I share everything I can.

Now Trending Chart (Update 8-3-15)

This chart really captures how my content is performing. I am still getting between 500 and 1,000 visitors a day, in the last few months they have really been sticking around a lot more. Creating my best month ever in July at 62,000+ reads.


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