Two Critical Facebook Questions: What’s Your Facebook eCommerce IQ?

Two Critical Facebook Questions: What’s Your Facebook eCommerce IQ?

Question 1:
Do you have a facebook page for your business?

If your answer was no, you might need to look into this thing called social media. People are spending more and more time on social networks these days, and 90% of that time is on facebook. If you’re business is not there, well, you might be missing out on some interesting insights. Or you might not be.

Question 2: What are you doing with your facebook business page?

This is the harder question to answer. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve take the initiative to get your facebook page up and running. But now, tell me what you are doing with that page.

Most likely answers:

  1. nothing
  2. trying to add FANS and LIKES
  3. thinking about setting up ecommerce on facebook
  4. branding
  5. listening
  6. offering coupons and deals to people who like our page
  7. posting random crap
  8. asking questions of our fans
  9. wondering what the liability of having a dead facebook page is
  10. no idea

Well, you are not alone. Even in the business of social media marketing we are not so sure what facebook is good for. A huge percentage of that time that people spend on facebook is playing FarmVille and other “social” games. And quite frankly those people have zero interest in your small business offers.

And if you’re imagining that clicking-for-dollars on facebook is a sound strategy, and you’re about to invest some big bucks in setting up your f-store or facebook ad campaign, think again. The average click on a GOOD facebook ad is less than 1%. And more in the neighborhood of 0.01%! Seriously, that’s not my number, that’s according to eMarketer.

But all is not lost if you have facebook fantasies. You just have to have a plan and stick to it. And if it isn’t working, then alter it and try things until it does. And remember that “working” might be very different than making-money-with.

The Takeaway: Facebook is a massive social network that loves to tease you with numbers like 800-million potential customers. But people are not on facebook to buy, they are on facebook to play and socialize. 1. You should have a facebook page for your business. 2. You should have goals and plans for what you want to accomplish with that facebook page. 3. If it’s not working for you, take it down, or contact someone who can help you with it.

Because a dead facebook page may hurt your business rather than help it.

John McElhenney

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