Death of Organic Facebook Reach 2016

There are a few things that really piss me off about Facebook. Organic reach is #1. If Facebook is a platform for connecting with others, why does Facebook only show our “friends” posts about 5% of the time? Why is our newsfeed filled with ads, live streams, who you might like, sponsored posts. Really, Facebook? You’re serving us a 5% experience of what we used to call Facebook and 95% advertising platform. But we’ve got nothing better, so we FB on.

Here’s a chart I made back in 2014 to show the diminishing reach of Facebook posts on a page with over 500 likes.

Click to view full-size on Slideshare
Click to view full-size on Slideshare

I’ve done the math again, recently on the same page which now has over 2,000 likes. (What Facebook Reach Looks Like with 2,000+ Followers) And the news is getting worse. Sure, Facebook is profitable, but it has strangled all but the last drops of “social” out of the experience for most of us. Why don’t we see more of our friends “news” and “moments?” Yes, in the name of profitability and shareholder value, Facebook has turned the feed into a billboard along the personal information superhighway.

But wait, there’s more to bitch about.

Facebook is getting slower by the day. Maybe it’s the load of all the LIVE streams, but when a page takes 10 seconds to load… Well, the experience is getting worse. It’s hard to work Facebook today, for fun and profit, when the pages take excruciating times to load.

Do yourself a favor, use SocialFixer for Facebook. You’ll never view the beast the same. You can block a lot of the advertising content. You can reconfigure how Facebook looks. You can even Theme it so I looks more like the old Facebook. Essentially you can remix Facebook to your heart’s desire. Oh and use an Ad Blocker. My son has recently switched me from AdBlock Plus (who are beginning to sell advertising) to uBlock, an extension that’s available for your browser. I’d recommend that and Privacy Badger (which protects your cookies and tracking information). It’s funny for someone who works Facebook so hard, why am I using three tools to shape my experience and suppress my data sharing with Facebook? Well, Facebook is not the death star yet, but they are not too far from being The Empire.

Block, suppress, fix, and have fun.

John McElhenney

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