Google’s AdSense Police and the Folly of Appeal

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Once again my appeal to Google to reinstate my AdSense account, now 1.5 years later, is still denied. Why? And why is there little or no transparency into what they said I did that caused them to lower the hammer on me. I can assure you, I was considering AdSense as a potential monetization strategy for this blog. And let’s see, I’ve been blogging about social media, adsense/adwords, and all the other strategies of digital marketing for over 5 years. Do you think I would try making money through click fraud? Um, no.

“Further participation in the AdSense program by publishers whose accounts have been disabled is not permitted.” Um duh.

Let’s trace the path of my transgression.

I had just decided to check out adding AdSense to these very pages. And in that same week my brother had a heart attack in Mexico. So my whole family was off to Mexico, just as my AdSense account was turned on. And I did violate the Google Terms and Conditions at that time. But I didn’t know there was a Chrome Publishers Extension that would allow me to test my ads without appearing to be a fraudulent account. And that’s just what it appeared like to Google’s AdSense police. These random clicks (probably 20 in total) from Mexico must’ve looked like fraud.

And without any notice my account was suspended. I had been an AdSense publisher for about 5 days. I had amassed $1.50 in referral fees. And obviously I was gearing up to get my clickbots working on my digital marketing site so I could put my kids through college. Right? No.

But even after showing them my analytics. Proving to them that I did not buy traffic. And showing them the reports of my 20-or-so clicks, there was the same brick wall canned email response you see above.

And taking it one step further I asked a friend, who’s a Marketing Director for Google Earth and he said, “They won’t even talk to me. They act like they are some sort of secret police. There’s no response even when I send in questions.”

Today I thought, hey, maybe they’d look into my case and give me a second chance. NO. There is no appealing the king.

Once the king has made his decision there is nothing you can do. Even their appeal denied email let’s you know you’re working a fruitless task.

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