Facebook Is Down! *die facebook die*

Facebook Is Down! *die facebook die*


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So, here we go. Let’s just LET FACEBOOK DIE. Let’s kill it. Let’s pile on and join the 99 Days of Freedom. Join the other 30,000+ people who are leaving Facebook behind.

What if Facebook died today? What if it never came back? What if a DOS attack is underway from some foreign terrorist organization and Facebook is going to have to re-engineer it’s servers to get them back up. So what would happen?

First we’d all go elsewhere to connect online. (BENEFIT) We’d flock to LinkedIn and chat with our business associates. We’d hit Twitter and laugh at the Facebook morass. We’d try to get our conversations and social connections elsewhere. Fine.

What else would happen?

What about businesses that are dependant on Facebook for their demand generation or sales tactics? (DOWNSIDE) Well, we’d have to find other ways to do business. And with the REAL ROI on Facebook advertising, that would be, could be, a good thing. (BENEFIT)

I’m all for The Death of Facebook. I’m all about us finding a new channel to connect on, perhaps one that is less Ad-focused. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, one that shows 100% of our friends that we’re ASKING for. If we are friends, show us the updates. I know you want to jam us with your Ad-revenue posts, but you are killing yourself. Well, let me see if there is any way I can help.

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