Digg Is Done: The Death of a Social Media Icon

Digg Is Done: The Death of a Social Media Icon

In the beginning there was digg. To get a story promoted on digg.com was to see your web traffic skyrocket. Community curated content. And now after several sales and rebirth efforts, I’m sad to declare that, for me, digg is done. Here’s my experience to-date.

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Now, to be fair, I never really pushed hard to promote or WIN on Digg. But it was a necessary part of my daily content submission, up until today, when I removed the digg sharing button from my site. In 2013 I have seen ZERO referrals from digg. None. Nada. Zip. And I post approximately 5 – 6 articles a week. By contrast, during 2013, a newish service that provides a similar social media sharing platform, StumbleUpon has delivered 208 referrals. Reddit clocked in at 194. Digg is dead to me.

At the moment there is still talk about diggs Google Reader replacement service, or the digg app, but I’m not sure anything is going to rebuild the giant of social sharing back to any significant numbers. Why would you try to rebuild a brand like digg at this point rather than just build a new service with a new name?

Sorry to see you go, digg, but happy to simplify my socialization process with one less step.

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  1. My results mirror yours, in it’s heyday (07 – 09) sharing fresh content on digg = instant indexing, getting digg friends to vote it up was even better

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