Ultimate Digital Marketing Consulting Proposal – Overview

Ultimate Digital Marketing Consulting Proposal – Overview

Today I went out and gave my simple proposal. A little research, a few keywords, and a brief look at their existing website and I was prepared for my meeting. Do you have the tools to get competitive info on your future client or on your own website? Do you have a handle on the process of digital marketing and the goals of your potential client’s website?

Once you know the principles of digital marketing the consulting falls easily into place.

Sales Funnel Focus

  1. Build the demand at the top of the funnel
  2. Make sure the path to purchase is easy and clear
  3. Get your CTAs aligned with the potential customer’s goals
  4. Track the performance of the site – funnel – leads generated
  5. Tie WINS back to SEO or PPC awareness campaigns
  6. Grow the WINS, reduce spend on the less productive tactics
  7. Optimize, Measure, Optimize, Measure, Report

From that perspective the budgeting is easy. How many hours can the client afford to buy each week? And then what can I get done on that budget each week. Build a schedule and list of deliverables.

If your client is already spending money with PPC, get access to the analytics. Can you do the same or better for less money? Can you base the rest of your consulting on this starting point?

Top-Down Consulting

  1. Low hanging fruit – optimize PPC and build better SEO pages
  2. Landing pages
  3. Funnel streamlining and acceleration
  4. Site design

Back in the old days we used to start with site design. Today the design of the webpage is less important than the content. And the landing page is the king of conversion metrics. If you’re client’s current PPC firm is dropping 90% of that traffic off at the home page of the site, you’ve already identified a huge win.

The goal of any consulting project is to identify the quick wins. Show immediate performance improvements based on fixing the quick wins. Use initial success to grow and propose the rest of the business you want to accomplish.

While I am in the business of helping businesses (large and small) do better at their digital marketing programs, I am also interested in helping your business do better with or without my help. So with that in mind, I’m giving you my initial consulting deck, what I used today to open the discussions with a new client.

QUESTIONS: What did I miss? Do you have any great tools to help do these proposals quicker? How do you get metrics when you don’t have access to their Google Analytics yet?

Download this form now from SlideShare: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Consulting Proposal (Includes SEO/PPC Optimization – Page 2)

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